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Sleep Efficiency

Psychology Today defines deep sleep as “... a time of nearly complete disengagement from the environment.” Deep sleep is also known as delta sleep, slow-wave sleep or N3. It is a restorative sleep state where dreams do not occur, and still relatively little is known about it. What we do know is that deep sleep is the third stage of sleep. During this stage, heart rate and breathing slows and your muscles relax to the point where you barely move. Deep sleep is necessary for your body to repair itself and recharge for the next day. Your organs detoxicate, your kidneys clean your blood, and your body replaces cells, heals wounds, and builds muscle tissues as well. Most deep sleep happens in the first sleep cycle. If someone is awoken during deep sleep, he or she will usually feel disoriented for sometime after waking up. It can be very difficult to wake a person during deep sleep. deep sleep as “... a time of nearly complete disengagement from the environment.”

I offer programs of all levels custom-tailored to your needs. For sleep optimization, we work with expanding on mastering the subconscious and unconscious states of mind harnessing higher levels of cognitive function. We work to improve the relationship with previous traumas and limiting beliefs, increasing our ability to let go of the future and rest in the present. Harnessing the relationship with the energy centers of the body we create an environment within the body that facilitates a noticeable improvement to our energy and efficiency throughout the day. We also work on the outer layer of our sleeping cycle, containing: nutritional guidance, exercise plans, introduction to breathwork, new habit formation, and circadian rhythm optimization.

Functional Movement

The physical, this is the plane at which our body resides.  Since the dawn of humans as a species, we have used our bodies as our tools.  We have since then lost or forgotten this very basic animalistic requirement that is asked of us by our bodies.  The ask is quite simple, you see the body knows that in stagnation illness and DisEase may flourish.  We do not wish this upon ourselves, and yet as we become more advanced technologically some of our most basic needs are not met.  We’ve grown accustomed to our services, to our advancements, to our exterior tools, and because we have now habituated these things we no longer know how to listen to the body.  We ignore the body when it screams at us, it tells us this is not right, that we aren’t built to sit, that we aren’t built to stand, that we are in fact built to move, to be in motion.  And so it is my great honor to reinvigorate the desire through instruction and repetition to be like water to be more like the river flowing towards the ocean. 

Functional Movement Training incorporates all branches of physical movement philosophy; we work with the body and learn how to best master the limits of it, as our knowledge and experience grows we add exterior stressors (weights) to more greatly ignite the inner fire towards transformation, we continually push the boundaries of our physical limitations by incorporating more advanced movement patterns to increase our mobility and more greatly strengthen our stability.  You see walking, running, jogging, moving our bodies is how we were meant to exist, the body should not break down in the way it currently does in our society; pain, discomfort, limitation, restriction these are all symptoms of the same internal diagnosis.  Using the above approach and guided through the foundational practices of; yoga, strength training, Qi gong, calisthenics, stretching, martial arts, Tabata, and cardiovascular training we can rid ourselves of these issues, we can heal the body and restore the mind by perfecting our movement in life.  Today in life we struggle most in the capacity of letting go, of shifting from go go go into the realm of inner silence and peace.  It is at an all-time high in our society due in no small part to our lack of movement, our lack of awareness within these movements, we have become robots physically and overactive mentally.  Let us restore our right to be here, to be in the moment, to feel fully our body and to understand how it communicates in very subtle ways with us.



Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the a Breath of life, and the man became a living being. - Genesis 2:7


We become alive in this world when it is we take our first breath.  Until the day we pass on from this existence the one most consistent factor, the one most useful, life giving property of us is our breath.  Yet as a people we understand the breath very rudimentarily, we understand it as if it were something we have no control over.  Some might argue that we have even less understanding of our breath then of a few things we have absolutely no control over.  We understand gravity, we understand biology, we understand maybe poorly but in some way the crazy ideas of quantum physics.  And yet as I sit here today and right this page we still understand the breath in the most basic of manners.  As a breath coach my first mission with each individual is to inspire a burning desire to more greatly connect with this autonomic system.  Science has begun to dive deeper into these questions of late, it is our search toward greatness that inspired such investigations and the news is alarmingly exciting.  You see this autonomic system, the respiratory system can be manipulated, we can shift our consciousness towards greater control over this system and when it is we do so and do so repeatedly the mind quiets, the symptoms of our physical existence that persist and hurt us so begin to disappear and heal.  As we bring our awareness to the breath true health and abundance begin to propagate in our lives.  We through this practice of breath mastery gain greater energy, clarity, connection, and restoration.  We become better in all facets of life, we become more efficient in our work, we become more thoughtful and loving with friends and family, the stressors of life that had previously plagued our thoughts and actions fall away into the nothingness they truly are.  Our internal power becomes more greatly realized.

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