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My Story

A great man once asked me, “Is it a divine action to give to those who have not asked to receive?” My journey to holistic wellness living started under the guidance of my father who through practices of nutrition, meditation, karate, tai chi and knowledge of ancient history and philosophy helped me lay a foundation of self-realization. Though hidden underneath, this foundation grounded me once revealed and pushed me towards transformation.

Patrick DeNicola

As I started this path, first came the physical changes using strength training and calisthenic movements combined with nutrition I was able to transform from slightly overweight and out of shape to peak physical condition. In training my body my mind soon followed expanding curiously in search of more finding the greater truth of balance in life using transformative tools of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry to guide this balance towards even greater improvement of my quality of life. Now I guide others into similar studies into the self, helping them along the path of transformation bringing this experience to any who like me inquires deeper into life.


My Approach

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