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A letter To My teacher

September 19, 2019

Dear Tony Robbins,

My name is Patrick DeNicola, I am the founder of LivePlena a startup company with the grandest of missions in bringing truth, health, and happiness to this World. I currently coach high level achievers, whom already have achieved great personal success and are masters of their environment, sleep more efficiently maximizing their potential. I’m new to this, up until a few months ago I was coaching individuals on stress, helping high achievers create new a powerful rituals for growth and peace of mind. And before that and still currently I am an advanced Yoga teacher, certified in Hatha Gong, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. I have followed you for so long, and always have tried to emulate you in many ways. I see the passion you have for helping others, and how this passion has transformed yours and everyone who has come into contact with you lives. I wish to join this group of individuals who you have helped in your life achieve that ultimate level of success, creating a better individual, and in doing so shifting this Planet towards more positivity and increasing our collective vibration in the positive. I remember first seeing you in the ageless classic, Shallow Hal using your powers to help someone completely lost find themselves and be Happy. Obviously your powers don’t per se work exactly how the movie depicts them, but they are extremely real and I know this because I myself have experienced these perceptual changes in my own life. I write this letter to you in hopes of connecting with you and for your help. I have awoken to my true purpose in life, I wish to help those, whom struggle to deeply sleep, create the necessary patterns and using the proper tools along the way in order to help them fulfill their ultimate purpose in life. I strangely have found this as my path, and I’m filled with this burning desire to realize this dream I have for our race (the human race). That dream is of course for us to break from these shackles we have ourselves put on our collective minds, bodies, and spirits. In todays world we struggle so mightily to understand our place in this great universe, this infinite divine creation, and because of that there is such a great suffering in the world.

My story is unique, not special, not to be glorified, but very unique. I was gifted with the rare opportunity of growing up in a family raised by a mother and father to whom lives great lessons had revealed themselves to them. I first became aware of my unique upbringing when I entered the public school system at age 12, when everyone around had gone to church and had read the bible or some variance of this path, and I, Well I was raised in a community of healers, shamans, masters of tai chi and qi gong, spirit guides, and dream walkers. Yes my formative years were strange indeed. Looking back on those years I was granted access to a wealth of knowledge that to this day I’m still dissecting and uncovering as I gain more and more perspective. But as a 12 year old I did not feel so special, I felt as an outcast, I felt as though I needed to fit in with everyone else. So I did, I became such a story teller, I became a Liar. So good at this I became that as I grew even my wise master teacher, my father, could not discern my truth. And so this became my gift, this is what I shared with this world. I chose to hide who I was, who I knew myself to be, I put on this mask and became Patrick, But this was not I, for I was running tiger, and still I chose to hide that person. Through the years as my father shared more and more with me, as the teachers and healers in my life shared their stories and wisdom with me, it was if I had become two separate people. Compartmentalizing the parts that I felt I could show to everyone with the parts I knew I could only share with but a few. As I grew and the outside world had become more and more attractive I began to rebel even more, cast aside all I had learned and the lies came flying out at record pace. I struggled through high school and not because I could not learn, but because I chose to be funny, to clown those sent to teach us, I would make fun of others, degrade them, bully and humiliate them for my and others amusement. Soon I graduated and move out I did, disconnected myself from all that wisdom and love I had with my family I fell down the rabbit whole of darkness that can easily swallow us whole. I hold no shame with what I have done, with this person that I chose to be for a while, I relay this story to you to paint a picture of who I am this day and what I have transformed out of. I struggled so much for so long in my life with this part of my journey. Looking back on these chapters of my life brought me much shame in the past, I remember each lie I created during this time in my life and until very recently in my life I sought to bury this part of me. But I grew FROM this and so this cannot be buried for with the concealing of this person only allows these emotions that were held towards him to fester and grow. It took me over 10 years existing as this liar, faker, con artist before I came back towards the light. It was only through the love of my father that I was able to finally see this path that I had chosen. Anger had taken over me on one fateful night of a drunken binge, I had no money, I had owed the state thousands of dollars in unpaid fines, they were taking my license away and had a warrant out for my arrest, when I HAD ENOUGH. In this drunken dizzying rage I HAD ENOUGH, I became so angry I saw a tree and decided to beat the frustration out of my and into the tree, punching the bark with bare hand fracturing fingers in and endless array of bloody knuckled punching. My friend came to me and asked What in the HELL I was doing and I had no answer for him, the only thing I could day was say I needed my dad. I was 23 years old and had hit the lowest point in all the low points. 11 years after I had first put that mask on, I had finally realized that his mask was my shackle. My father looked at me that night and told me I would be okay, and that we would figure this out.

It was this moment that changed My life, I had enough! I was fed up with the lies and all the bullshit and it came out like a fire breathing dragon. My father and I drew up a contract, I would move back in if and only IF I followed through on this contract. I had to wake up before 9 am every day no matter what my day consisted of, and meditate for 1 hour outside at night in phoenix arizona, no matter what. I did so, I followed through, I started becoming that running tiger I had buried so long ago. With these new rituals more changes came; I started to become clearer about who I was, the voices that had steered me so wrong for so much of my life began to subside and reveal themselves as the ego whispers that drive men crazy. I started working out, and I transformed myself into a workout machine. I transformed my body over the next years into the temple that it is today. I started educating myself, no longer a know it all Liar, but just a kid who wished to learn all he could. With more knowledge and studying came other changes in life, I started to enhance my diet and help others transform their bodies and minds. It brought me such happiness to help others conquer the struggles they had in life and create routines that led to greater happiness for them. My struggle wasn’t over yet, but the big turning point had passed for now I had regained my foundation, and found greater meaning in life. I had realized through this whole transformation that I had this gift of connecting with others in TRUTH and helping the fight their monsters.

One more shoe had to drop in life for my ultimate purpose to shine itself upon me. Because as I had trained and grown the physical had taken higher priority in my life and ultimately it led to the proverbial other shoe dropping. It was at the height of my physicality that this reminder came. I got sick, and after years of shaping my body and mind, the body became my outlet. Underneath the mind had taken a back seat and somewhere along the way my internal health had been neglected. I pushed myself every day physically to do more, be more, greater than I ever was before, and I paid dearly for this shortsightedness. I was working in Old town Scottsdale, bartending at the busiest place, the toast of the town, pretty girls flanking me on all sides, physically a specimen to be seen and the ego had snuck in the back door. I thought I was invincible, drinking had become more and more apart of my life once more, my goals were clear at the time. Get as strong as possible physically and help all others do the same so they too can get the chicks and have the cash. I started spending all the money I made on stupid things, racking up credit debt, making so much cash and nothing to show for it except a new car and trips all over the country on my whim. Still today years later am I dealing with the debts taken on by the “invincible” Patrick of Old Town.

I met a girl, her name was Eileen and she too like my father before her woke me from this place I had come to. This was not a place low on the totem pole in the eyes of many, actually I’m sure there are some people whom back them wished they were me. But that person had succumbed to the outside distractions that so many of us get caught up in. How many of us start on a path, a path of righteousness and end up feeding the ego along the way ultimately realizing one day, for those lucky enough to realize, that we had switched paths somewhere and ended up again working against ourselves. This girl woke me, she spoke so deeply to my heart and my spirit that again something shifted. Our first date was one of smoking some herb on her porch and speaking of the universe and in those moments she had invited the real Patrick who once again had been shifted to the back seat or in the trunk maybe to come back out and play. To introduce himself to her and talk in the deepest of ways to her heart. The connection felt in those moments I’ll remember for a lifetime, for it like that drunken rage of I have had ENOUGH created the space for me to find myself again. The lesson had to be hard learned this time, life said, for it gave me the tools and the warnings before and I still did not learn fully the lesson. So I got really sick, my lymph swelled like golf balls and my adrenals took a nose dive robbing me of sound and restful recovery and life as I knew. I went to the doctor and got Diagnosed with EBV or epstein-barr virus. The doctor told me there was nothing to do, being the self educator that I had become, a positive from my physical transformation, this troubled me greatly. The doctor said my symptoms were not related to my illness and that my illness was incurable so nothing to do. I researched and self healed, the swelling went down the doctor told me, if and when it comes back, “we will biopsy them and figure out what’s going on.” This troubled me greatly, “how could they not be related?” “How could I get sick, get diagnosed and not get treated?” So I returned to my teacher, my father, He called a family friend and I by the friends order urgently went to see him. A holistic M.D. whom wanted to check up on me because he saw a correlation and was worried about my lymphatic system, specifically my spleen. We ultrasound my spleen and we saw what the other doctor did not even think to check that my spleen was nearly bursting with inflammation. That it was about to rupture, which can be a fatal accident if not handled properly. So he gave me a tonic and some advice. This advice has been my message to ALL when it comes to great health and nutrition. “When dealing with something that is “untreatable” we look at the cause of all illness, all dis ease in the body, that is acidity, and that illness thrives off of an acidic environment” he continued by recommending that I become as alkaline as possible and to stop the exercise program regimen I had willingly put my body through for year (Usually around 2 hours of strength training and more than 1 hour of high intensity interval cardiovascular training). That was all he gave me, but it was enough, so research I did, constantly seeking the answers. Over the next 5 months I transitioned to a plant based diet and traded the weights and sprints for yoga, and flexibility, and breath.

I hope I haven’t made this to lengthy of a letter, I only wish to be your student. I wish to learn from the greatest and for me I SEE YOU and all the good you do in this world and hope to have a similar positive impact on the human Race.

My story isn’t over. These things happened to me in order for me to become this person that writes you on this day. I could not do any of this without these experiences and its amazes me the path that I have chosen in life. SO MANY what ifs that HAD to happen so perfectly in order for me to be who I AM today. I went to school shortly after my transition to a plant based diet, I dived head first into the teachings of Yoga, yoga Nidra, gong mastery and vibrational therapy, and with all that training and learning I have realized my greater purpose in LIFE. I have the tools to transform this world, and bring greatness out of others. In all my trainings there was a weird synchronistic feeling that always came over me, like I have learned this before, or been exposed to this before, and all the things I learned as a child come to me now more clear than I could have imagined. I’m not done learning, not done growing, only merely begun. And so I ask of you one thing, teach me! Allow me to be your student, allow me the opportunity to work for you, with you, however it looks whatever shape it takes. I’m currently about to move to NEW YORK fridge CITY, a guy from Phoenix Arizona who has been on the road for the past year with not much to my name other than who I AM. No job is waiting for me, not much money to my name on this day, a whole list of debt coming from my past decisions with a decent credit score hahaha. Full of dreams and hopes of making this world a better place, impacting one person at a time as best as I can serve!

Thank you so much for reading these words, You inspire so many people to cast aside all fear and all doubt and to become the person they wish and hope to become, and for that alone we owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. SO thank you! Namaste.

Sincerely yours,

Patrick DeNicola

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